Using your Gadgets to get you Discounts!

We have teamed up with our friends over at and have put together a list of discounts and deals that you can get at home, at work or on the move to help out in these tough economic times.

With technology being involved in pretty much every part of our lives nowadays we are taking a look at how harnessing this tech can see you save you money on your purchases using discounts and deal vouchers.

Vouchers are no longer strictly for the supermarket or to be cut out of the local paper, and in our constantly connected world you can get yourself a discount on pretty much anything you purchase nowadays, if you know how.

Take gadgets – if you are looking to get your Wife a new iPad Mini or looking to upgrade your old DVD player to the latest in Blu-ray technology using Vouchers for Gadgets you can find a host of deals ranging from money off vouchers, exclusive deals or even free shipping.

And the bigger the spend the more you can save on vouchers, so if you are looking to upgrade to a new laptop from your shoddy old PC then you can check out the computing vouchers and get deals such as 11% off when you spend over £500 or Samsung tablets for £158.

What’s more, you can also get vouchers on the move courtesy of the MyVoucherCodes app, so if you’re out with your friends and looking for something to eat, a quick check of your app and you can see local eateries and more importantly if there are any discounts to be had.

This can be anything from 2 for 1 deals, money off, or even a free item if you spend over a certain amount, all of which help keep your wallet fuller and uses your technology to the maximum.

So with our ever-changing world of technology it’s time we started to use the tech we have in our pockets to save us a few pennies when we are out.