Game. Across the world it’s just a word. In the UK however, it’s a unashamedly purple institution which can be found in shopping centres and high streets all over the United Kingdom. It’s just about the only chain store left that specialises in video games, Pokemon cards, Skylanders figures, the 50p bargain bin, ‘good as new’ consoles, and long lines of human beings at Christmas time. Their customer service isn’t that bad either. We love them.

To some, just a shop. To others, a magical realm where dreams are made and Master Chiefs frolic and play on rolling hills made of secondhand Xboxes.

The company, which entered administration after some financial and industry troubles in 2012, has recently come out of a deal with OpCapita swinging and re-entered the public stock market, meaning that thankfully they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

Well, if you ever had to go through the hassle of actually finding the title you want at Game, fear not, because the store is about to introduce the next level of content distribution, finally stocking digital codes across the board for all consoles and formats, as Xbox have finally got on board, adding Xbox One codes and Xbox 360 codes too.

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Microsoft to bring a wide range of the best Xbox digital content directly to the UK gaming community,” says GAME’s category director Charlotte Knight.

You can now go down to your local game store, and, without all the hassle of sitting on your behind at home trying to figure out that pesky credit card number, purchase a digital code for nearly any game you want, again, I repeat, all without having to sit at home typing numbers into the computer.

Vouchers gonna vouch.

This is the kind of future I’m happy to be living in. One decade we’re telling you how great it is to be able to pay for things online, the next it’s like ‘who cares, let’s go down the shops for stuff we could buy online’.

The Xbox 360 and Xbox One codes will be available from your local Game store on August 15th 2014. They will be included alongside Playstation Network codes, PS Vita full game codes, Steam Wallet codes, and even Minecraft codes in Game’s massive digital content lineup. Get out of the house and buy some codes! No time to dilly dally, git up git out and git you some codes!