Gamer Numbers To Rise In The New Decade – Will You Be One Of Them?

Gamer numbers have been rising steadily over the last few years. Games such as PUBG & Fortnite have catapulted gaming further towards complete proliferation. As the western world begins to slow down in tech development, the developing world is not taking any breaks during the lull.

Gamer Numbers

So how many gamers are there?

There were over 2.5 Billion video gamers worldwide. This was a statistic published in 2016 in The European Mobile Game Market. We are now another four years along.

We now have 5G, automated wireless devices, Android Go, Google Stadia to name a few. In tandem with these developing techs we have augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We have cloud gaming and cloud processing. Games do not need to be owned any longer to be played. This has all aided in rising the number of gamers worldwide.
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Gaming Future

Gaming can be leveraged for training and development. A gamer can be totally involved in the world they are in without realising what they are gaining through playing. Just as advertisements can be hidden through subliminal messaging, so too can the training of new skills.

For example, if a game involves earning points through memorising symbols this could be adapted for any number of benefits. The images could be parts of a language and through repetition the characters stay in the gamers mind. This is just one example.

Learning the layout of the land before you travel can easily be adapted into gaming… 

Simulating hard to reach environments for exploration can be done through gaming. To this end it is surprising there are not already Mars settling simulations out there for people to try. We already have a map of the surface. The conditions can be easily coded into some kind of extreme farming simulator. You could be growing potatoes just like Matt Damon in no time.

As the number of connected devices grows exponentially, gamer numbers follow suit.

Gamer or not, regardless of who you are, sometimes you need something to pass the time.

Why not do something that may be of benefit to you? It is quiet easy to search for beneficial games. You do not have to be staring at that screen for no reason other than wasting time.

With the inclusion of blockchain, gaming will be taken to even higher heights. Gamers can finally earn from their efforts without having to sign contracts.

This will bring a whole new economy along for the ride.

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