Gamer Power Use Under Scrutiny – Is That The Issue Though?

Gamer power use, not something that should make headlines but here we are.

A study on the power usage of USA gamer’s was recently published. The study focuses on the power usage of all online gamers. This includes consoles, pc’s and handheld devices. The results of the study are there for anyone to read. The link will also be at the bottom of the page.

Focusing on a specific group like this when it comes to power usage does strike a little strange. We consider it generally accepted that the main cause of CO2 build up is due to fossil fuels and deforestation.

Gamer Power Use

How the power is used is not the issue. Surely, the main issue is how the power was created?

A few points for consideration:

  • Most gaming component manufacturers push to lower heat and reduce power consumption. These are marketable stats in order to gain sales.
  • Most new games can be downloaded and most are run in a cloud when it comes to the servers behind them. That is also a lot of CD’s and DVD’s not being created and shipped out in sleeves of hard plastic.
  • Sony’s latest prototype of their next gen console is an entirely different shape from all previous models.  The reason for the change in shape is to gain efficiency.
  • Gaming evolves very quickly. With 5G looming on the horizon the need for a lot of extra components could well become redundant.


With regards to 4K, yes that does take a lot more power to run than HD. Again, there are perspectives being ignored here.  Are you considered a gamer if you own a console? Lots of people that own either consoles or pc’s also work for a living. At this point while they travel to work are they gamers or commuters? Ultimately when a sponsored study comes out focusing on a specific demographic rather than the actual issue you really have to wonder what is not being mentioned.

A guess would be fossil fuels continued use.

We do understand that the paper aims to highlight issues in this sector rather than attacking it. Understanding that a particular console is using way too much power is good knowledge. This would mean manufacturers have more insight into how they can improve.

Another point to think on: Gamer power use is something  generally considered by anyone who games. If not the gamer’s own considerations then at least by the adult paying the electricity bill.

The point?

So, I guess this is the point we are leading to here. How an individual uses the power they pay for is up to that individual. How the power is actually made before it gets to the customer, regardless of their interests may be worth looking into. If manufacturers and providers work together, it can only lead to a cleaner future.

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