PSP Outsells 3DS in Japan

Man, all that hype for the ‘first glasses free 3D gaming experience’ and is loses to… the PSP?!

It was for but one week that 600 little PSPgo sales pushed Sony’s numbers just beyond Nintendo’s for the week ending March 27 in Japan. PSP sales: 51,079 and 3DS sales: 50,710.

Pretty damn close for the handheld market and it’s clear that the overall acceptance and love of the PSP in Japan is still going strong, with the critical success of many titles, especially Monster Hunter, which I for one enjoy.

As well as this shocker for Ninty, the 3DS is well behind projected global first-month sales figures not just in its home country but everywhere. Satoru Iwata claimed that Japan would contribute 1.5 million of his estimated 4 million worldwide units sold in the first month of the 3DS being sold, but sadly, in the homeland of Japan only 792,954 units were shipped, around half of the estimated figure.

Of course, the disappointing figures may be due to the recent natural disasters in Japan.


Crytek Promises ‘Maximum Strength’ Effort to Repel Hackers in Crysis 2 Multiplayer

Off to a great start topping the gaming charts, Crysis 2 has attracted gamers worldwide to celebrate well-suited futuristic combat… but also may have attracted some people who only can be described as cheaters too.

Developer Crytek has promised to regularly patch and update the game in order to block attempts to hack it or cheat in-game.

“We do take cheating very seriously here at Crytek” developers said in the Crytek blog.

“We are currently taking steps to permanently remove exploits from Crysis 2 and to penalize those individuals that choose to utilize them,” the blog reads on “We thank you for your patience and want to ensure you that we will continue to work hard to keep the integrity of Crysis 2 intact and cheat-free.”

According to GFK, the game has topped the charts here in the UK, and is EA’s biggest launch this year, and to date as well. Crysis 2 trounced the competition, which included Bulletstorm, Dragon Age II, Dead Space 2, and Fight Night Champions.

Video Break: April fool’s

Dance Central with Spartans? Nice job there from 1up.

Todd Howard: ‘No Multiplayer In Skyrim’ – What Kind of Idiot Would Want It?

Back in Morrowind, the answer to an age-old question was made apparent by a certain Ma’iq the Liar, a Khajit cat-man living on the smallest island in the area of Dagon Fel, who was privy to many Bethesda secrets… or so it seemed.

But no, there won’t be multiplayer in Skyrim, and here’s Todd Howard, Bethesda bro of brosomeness, to tell you why:

“The two most requested features we get are dragons and multiplayer. We got one of them this time. We always look into multiplayer, put lots of ideas on the whiteboard and it always loses. It’s not that we don’t like it. I can think of ways it would be a lot of fun.”

Howard also explains that the development team is needed at all times to work on the single player experience, which is a cataclysmic task in its own right, and anyone pulled away to work on multiplayer would be missed on the single player side of things.

“At the end of the day, that dev time is going to take away from doing the best single-player game we can, and that’s where our hearts are.”

However, Todd did have some neat details on the size of the homeland of the Nordic people where the game takes place.

“It has about the same amount of geography and content as Oblivion. I say ‘about’ because the scale always changes some, and things like mountains change how that geography feels, and the time it takes you to get to and from places. It has a different flow when exploring,” he added.

Sounds like the game is well on the way to finishing up and being released, keep on waiting, it’ll arrive soon. I’m so excited.