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GDPR What It Means To You

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gdpr into the fire Frodo

GDPR goes into full operations mode this Friday (25th May 2018). By now, if you have an email address, you have probably been sent emails recently from the large amount of companies that have interacted with your email over the years. Have companies been contacting you over the last few months asking if you are still all okay with them continuing to mail you? This is very largely due, in part, to GDPR.

GDPR induced emails

Step 1. Ignore the email.

Seriously though, if you have no particular need for the company to ever contact you again, just ignore it. Under the new regulation the company who sends the email cannot keep any of the information on you unless authorised by you. Hence, don’t reply.

Effects of GDPR

What this will do in actuality is increase the scarcity of Data. As scarcity goes up your personal data becomes more valuable so be careful with personal information given to others. If a company or agent requires details from you without explaining that they will not hold this information, or what it is for, we advise requesting they remove your information.

There is a very hefty fine for not following the new regulation. For a business at fault, its not going to be cheap. Up to €20 million or up to 4% of the annual worldwide turnover of the preceding financial year will be charged.

Ultimately this is a good thing for consumers. Consumers personal data is valuable and without this in place it would allow large companies to ride roughshod over privacy. The privacy of others should be respected. So, you have paid a company money for a service. This should not give allowance for that company to then continue using your data in whichever way they please from that point onwards.

What is personal data?

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