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Gears of War 3 reaches 1-million pre-orders as new “movie-style” trailer sets the scene

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Promotion for Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 3 has really paid off. The hotly-hyped third -person shooter has just blown away the 1-million pre-orders mark and celebration comes in the form of a new “movie-style” trailer which sets the scene before the game’s full release on September 20th.


In the new promotional tease we see Gears soldier Lt. Anya Stroud (a playable character in the upcoming GoW3) picking up her weapon and recording a message about the collapse of the Planet Sera’s politics and the “E-Day” invasion by the alien force known as the Locusts.

She brings us up to speed, with her narration informing us of the perils which have hunted down her people in various undefeatable alien threats, as we see flashbacks to previous scenarios and battles. Stroud tells of the retreat and separation of her fellow troops, some choosing to live in exile while some choosing to still fight. Stroud spray-paints that familiar crimson skull and gear symbol on her Lancer Assault Rifle, making her choice known and telling us fearfully – “We’re all abandoned now.”

This Gears of War 3 trailer will have Xbox 360 owners grabbing their guns and readying for action – That is of course if they haven’t already spoiled the plot by downloading the leaked copy which is currently floating around in cyberspace.

The game’s developer Epic has revealed that they will show no mercy on those who threaten to ruin fellow gamers enjoyment and have methods installed to find out who the leaks are and ban them from game play when GoW3 drops in less than a month’s time.

For now, play nice and enjoy the new trailer – September is not that far away..

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