Gmail Integrates Google Drive Offering 10GB of Online File Sharing Via E-mail

After integrating Google+ features into the Google Play Store for Android devices earlier this week, the Californian tech and computing juggernaut Google has revealed that its online storage system Google Drive will become part of Gmail, offering a whopping 10GB of file sharing between users of the popular messaging service.

Current Gmail file attachments are limited to 25MB which is actually a generous update considering most email hosts will offer only a safe 10MBs, however these email providers, such as Microsoft, have for some time now compensated the attachment shortcomings with online storage and file sharing such as its own SkyDrive.

Google seeks to catch up by introducing Google Drive into Gmail by way of a button which will allow users to quickly and easily upload a file and share it with one or more mail contacts. Senders will be asked to confirm which of the chosen recipients have permission to open the file when it arrives, and even if you want to share a whole bunch of photos or a heavyweight video file with someone not using Gmail or Google Drive, you can also use a link to these files to get the content out to your peeps.

The usual Google Drive service which was launched in April offers uploaders a reasonable 5GB of storage completely free of charge with additional storage up to 100GB available at cost, and its integration into Gmail has already begun. Check your Google today and get sending!

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