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Just How Good is the new iPad’s iSight Camera? Still and Video Samples Shown Off

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Apple unveiled its new iPad yesterday evening, which has a host of new and improved features. It’s an impressive product, that’s for sure. Asides from the stunning Retina Display, the other standout feature for us is the new iSight camera.

The third-generation iPad has a majorly upgraded rear camera, which Apple is calling an ‘iSight’ camera. It features many of the same qualities as the very impressive camera in the iPhone 4S, albeit with a smaller 5-Megapixel sensor rather than an 8-Megapixel one.

Megapixels aside, the iPad has a brilliant camera with a host of features that make it brilliant for both still shots and video recording. The camera is made up of 5 key parts, with a backside illuminated sensor. This means that more light is able to hit the sensor, which in turn means brighter snaps and a much better performance in low light conditions.

The new iSight camera brings a hugely improved video recording performance, too. The new iPad is capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p quality at 30 frames per second, along with crystal clear audio. Apple has developed software to aid stabilisation when recording video, so your recordings don’t suffer from any unwanted jolts or shaking.

Of course, better photographs and videos need something equally good to be viewed on, which is where the new iPad’s Retina Display comes in. From what we’ve seen so far, pictures and HD video looks stunning on the new display technology, as will games and just about everything else.

Apple has released a set of sample photographs as well as a demo video recording to show off how much better the iPad is with video stabilisation. Both are equally impressive, so check out the video below and the image gallery at the bottom of the page.

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