Google’s Social network attack on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Google+ certainly is gaining momentum as the big G has announced that it now has more than 25 million users, 1 million or which are from the UK.

The stats come from ComScore a website who specialise in “Measuring the Digital World” and the 25million is actually back dated to the 25th of July of this year so in the 9 days following the number is actually set to be drastically higher, especially as G+ is estimated to be growing 1 million a day.

To put this into Facebook terms it took Zuckerberg over 3 years to hit the 25 million and it took the same amount for Twitter to hit the 25mil mark. Shockingly though Myspace fared a little better by Getting to 25million in just two years but these are all totally diminished by Google+’s super rise.

The Google+ rise is being touted as the fastest social network growth ever but there is a reasonable way to go to math Twitter’s 200 million and Facebook’s 750 million user base. But with Gmail having over 190million users and Google+ still being in the Beta invite only stage it would seem tah Google+ has a lot of move time before it needs to start attracting outside customers.

Not to mention the fact that Google+ is obviously a lot of features bhind the likes of Facebook and has a lot of room for change and updates, sadly on our use of the G+ Platform we have come to the conclusion its great to get but there isn’t much worth doing on Google+ yet.

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