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Google Scoring BIG! 700,000 Android Gadgets Activated Daily & YouTube Reaches a Trillion Playbacks in 2011

Google has a couple more reasons to be celebrating this Christmas with news coming from the Californian internet and software co. revealing some exciting figures for both mobile operating system Android and Google-owned clip site YouTube!

Android Daily Downloads:

Firstly it was reported that Google’s popular Android software, which earlier this year was recognised as the most distributed OS worldwide becomes active on over 700,000 gadgets – Daily! That’s a staggering number, and another satsuma stuffed in the stocking for Apple whose iOS is treading snow in second place on iPhones and iPad. Google commands the likes of Samsung’s popular Galaxy range (including the Galaxy S II) and HTC’s Sensation and new Beats line (Sensation XL) as well as a selection of iPad rivalling tablets such as Motorola’s Xoom and Sony’s S1.

Back in June the number was recorded as 500,000 daily activations of gadgets like this – the rise of Android is staggering!


YouTube Reaches Record Views:

Funny-vid-site-come-entertainment source YouTube is also enjoying success this year, having reached over one trillion playbacks in 2011!

YouTube is becoming a credible source of viewing with partnerships formed over the last year with Disney and a number of film and televisions studios as well as original programming. Amongst the popular music videos and shared virals are those office faves such as Jesus Christ in Richmond Park (“FENTON!”), the Winnings of Charlie Sheen and the comedy vlogs of humourous hottie Jenna Marbles. These videos are amongst the many that equate to around 140 video views per human being living on Earth (roughly speaking).

And the most watched video, you ask? That’d be Rebecca Black’s MV for that incredibly-annoying “Friday” song. If you’ve already forgotten it we know you’ll “YouTube it” – Adding one more to the 1,000,000,000 views of all YouTube videos before the year is out!

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