Google+ Address Book coming in next few days – Importing contacts made easy

So, we finally got onto Google+ (What’s Google+? Where have you been? Catch up here!). It’s looking good, but is still a little sparse when it comes to actually being social. Also there’s the issue of not being able to add multiple photos unless you use Google Chrome. Frustrating to an IE loyalist!

The problem remains for finding all our friends who have left the safe bosom of Facebook to come explore with us. We’ve got a search option and applications to import with but we’re a little too impatient to look up all our pals, laboriously, one at a time.

Zuckerberg’s network isn’t making it easy for us – blocking the export of contacts in fear that Google might steal some of the social thunder. The good news is that Google are on the case and within the next few days we’ll see improvements to the way we get our mates over the fence.

Google’s Rohit Khare has announced that an address book is coming which will upload contact information to Google+ and import them, but not store them until you drag your contacts into those all important +Circles.

Here’s what Khare had to say about the Address Book uploader on his YouTube channel –

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