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Google Boss Slams Apple At French Expo – “Android Is Ahead of iOS” Says Eric Schmidt

Google Boss, Eric Schmidt appeared live and on video from Le Web Expo in Paris France to talk tech and has torn into Apple declaring “Android is ahead of iOS”.

It’s true that Android is the world’s most distributed operating software on a range of gadgets from smartphone such as recently launched Samsung Galaxy Nexus which carries the latest Ice Cream Sandwich starting its distribution as we speak.

The CEO talked unit volumes, feature, lower prices delivered by Android host devices and manufacturers. He offers a minimal tip of the hat but none-to-much by saying “Apple has done an excellent job with iOS in terms of usability – but in 6 months thanks to ICS you will say the opposite, because apps vendors are driven by volume. The volume is favoured by the open approach Google is taking.”

On being asked by the interviewer if Android was inspired by iOS and suggesting that Apple was the founding force in mobile operating interfaces, Schmidt hit back by advising dissuaders to ‘Google it’.

After a moment of awkwardness discussion turned to Facebook. Schmidt addressed the personal touch of Google+ and how it’s more opt-in than Facebook’s somewhat ruthless approach of personal information harvesting. “Facebook has really moved the ball forward and it’s useful for any company to have competition. We saw an opportunity for something that has more privacy controls than Facebook does” said Schmidt.

The hour long video from the expo is really worth a look and shows Google’s Eric Schmidt unabashedly handling many tough questions like a boss.

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