Google Cardboard has now made its way into the hands of Apple iPhone users as the app becomes available on iTunes for the first time today.

Making affordable virtual reality even more accessible, Google offers the software needed to owners of the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c. In theory you could use it with any devices running iOS 8 or above but the Google Cardboard viewer is only designed and intended for smartphone use and the app is pretty useless without one.

If you do have an iPhone and the right software you can obtain instructions on how to build your own Cardboard viewer or buy a premade one. Then with the app you can enjoy some fun VR experiences including Explorer, Exhibit, Urban Hike and Kaleidoscope which allow the user to view and interact with 3D environments and objects in a basic introduction to modern VR through a smartphone. Everybody has one, and now almost everybody can get to grips with Google Cardboard.

Download, build and enjoy!

Google Cardboard on iTunes
Google Cardboard on Google Play

More information about Google Cardboard and how to build your own viewer visit the Get Cardboard website.