Google Chrome Hits Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in Beta Form

Are you on Ice Cream Sandwich? If you are then good news! The Google Chrome App is available for you to download through Google Play (formerly Android Market).

The App is in Beta but has a great deal of functionality. Android Google Chrome allows you to view web pages offline and even send bookmarks to your phone from your computer. It does all of this with increased speed and multi-tab display.

Another useful development with the app is that is allows you to create a homepage shortcut for a website, meaning that you can not only bookmark a page but also get to it with only one click, good for those of us that want to check sites every day.

Chrome Beta allows you more power over which apps open when you click on links, allowing you to select which way you want to view videos or look up an address.

Google have got rid of their beta moniker, and have made this update available in 32 languages, making this a larger roll out. This is a great improvement on the small amount of countries this was available to before the update.

It is a shame that all the hard work they have put in is only available to the newest and most up to date android phones and tablets and there looks to be no push to make the browser update available for older versions. So it looks like you’re being encouraged to invest in some new kit (as if you need an excuse!) or you are going to have to wait until your devices updates to the latest Android ICS update.

If you are looking to update your handset to Android 4.0 ICS we have made some useful videos to help you through the process on the HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy SII.

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