Google has officially confirmed that the second generation Chromecast is in the works.

Speaking at the GigaOM Structure Connect conference yesterday, Google Vice President of Product Management Mario Queiroz discussed the success of the Chromecast as a digital media platform and its popularity, with 650-million uses recorded uses of the ‘cast’ button since the original product was first released in July of last year (March this year in the UK).

The current Chromecast offers smart TV style features through a 2.83-inch gadget to anybody with a reliable WiFi connection and an HDMI port in their tellybox. The affordable digital media device, which sells for just £30, can cast to the TV from selected apps such as Netflix, YouTube and BBC iPlayer on Android and iOS devices with the Chromecast app as well as any and all content through Google Chrome on PC and laptop through browser extension. In some regions you can also mirror what’s on the screen of an Android device on large screen via Chromecast.

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As well as reflecting on the past 14 months of the first Chromecast and the ‘Google Cast ecosystem’ with its steadily growing library of compatible apps (10,000 in development), Queiroz confirmed that in the near future we will see a new model arrive on the market but failed to deliver any real technical gossip on the second coming of Chromecast. The VP did however promise that Google will take full advantage of the large screen paired with the small screen and that the device could act as a main hub for multiple source devices.

There are a number of issues that can be addressed with the next revision of the Chromecast that those who took the leap of faith with the preceding model have experienced. These include its often sluggish load times particularly with demanding apps such as Netflix as well as the hit-and-miss setup process and general stability of the wireless connection, even when using the cumbersome WiFi extender and within good proximity to the source device.

Aside from these minor irritations the Google Chromecast is a wonderful and affordable device. We just hope version 2.0 offers a smoother experience and maintains the value-for-money price tag.

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