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Google counts down to I/O 2013 with fun teaser website full of easter eggs

Google has started the countdown to its annual I/O developers conference with a new website. In typical Google fashion it’s full of hidden surprises and is tonnes of fun.

The website is simple, showing only giant letters ‘I’ and ‘O’. These move when clicked, and when you click them both in a certain order you can unlock an easter egg. For example, clicking the sequence 10000001 will load up a game of Pong that you can play within your browser.

We’re not sure the internet will ever find every Easter Egg Google has built in, but there’s currently over 20 found. Our favourite is probably III00III, which gets you two famous lolcats making the I/O shape.

Fun and games aside, Google’s annual I/O Developer conference looks to bring us plenty new Android goodies between May 15th and 17th. Google has a tradition of revealing a new version of Android at this event each year, and after bumping Jelly Bean for two years in a row we’ve got a good feeling that a big jump to Android 5 aka ‘Key Lime Pie’ will be made this year.

Devices are usually also on the agenda, with a 5-inch Full HD Nexus 5 smartphone and upgraded Nexus 7 amongst the rumoured. Google is said to jump on the Full HD bandwagon with both a smartphone and tablet this year, with Asus said to be making the tablet and LG the phone.

Have a play with Google’s teaser site at and see what you can find. Here are a few more to start you off;

  • 01110101
  • 01000101
  • 01010011
  • 10010000
  • 10001000
  • 00101010