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Google Feed Updated In Google App

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Google announced today changes in the Google feed experience. Keeping track of all your social media news and current affairs can turn into a full time task. Sometimes it is hard to view what you actually enjoy easily.

Worry no more, Google have been tinkering with their AI again. Your personal feed experience will now be dramatically upgraded ( according to Google).

We took the plunge and went through the setup to see how things have improved.

Google Feed

The way things used to work was, you have a query, you enter it into Google, you then choose which option you value enough to click on.

With this new feed experience from Google, the AI should show you what matters to you whether you have a query in mind or not.

The feed was introduced last December. Originally it showed you content based on your interactions with Google. As well as this, the feed will now show you what is trending in your own area and interests, around the world. Theoretically, the more you use it, the better it will perform for you.

So, Google have managed to make you use Google more in order to have Google show you stuff that you may not have necessarily been looking for. Smart move Google.

As everyone, in general, changes over the time, so too do your interests. Your personalised feed will grow and evolve with you also

So it should be pretty easy to find what interests you. If anything does pop up in your feed that you really cannot stand, it is simple to remove the offender and never see their kind again.


Adding new sources to your feed was never easy. As of this update, you should be able to follow a topic straight from the search results.

There will be a new Follow button showing on some items in the search. One tap of the follow button and from that moment onwards, anything to do with the subject should show in your feed for future viewing.

Google app for Android  and iOS, update launching today in the U.S.  Rolling out internationally in the next couple of weeks.

Less Fake News

With regards to the recent headlines on fake news (ignoring the irony), your feed will now show multiple viewpoints to give you a better understanding. This will enable you to fact check and get a better understanding on the topics you love.

How good the new system is? Only time will tell.