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Google Glass gets private with “Sex with Google Glass” app

Google Glass can do some amazing things like translate  foreign road signs  in real time, could track your progress and pace when running a race or cycling, and there’s even an app in development that can help firefighters locate the nearest hydrant (check it out here).

With a product that can do so much and holds so many possibilities with it’s 5 megapixel camera and it’s up close and personal 640 x 360 display, it was only a matter of time before more unusual apps made use of these features. Let me introduce “Sex with Google Glass”.

Yep… there’s now an app that encourages wearing Glass during sex. Surely that’s like wearing socks in bed?

Anyway, Glass will neither make you appear more attractive nor enhance your ‘abilities’, and it won’t offer you any feedback on your performance either. Well, not directly, anyhow. What this app will allow you to do is share, through a live stream, your experiences. You can even view yourself from your partner’s perspective, like a perverse out of body experience, and if this is not your kind of thing you can of course just watch the footage back yourself using Glass’ tiny screen.

It’s all a bit odd if you ask us.

The aim of this project, founded by Sherif Maktabi, is to “make sex more awesome” and, although this may not be as useful as helping a firefighter combat a fiery inferno, it will certainly have a market – but will it be a market Google really wants to be part of?

History says no, as Google has previously banned the not too dissimilar “T*ts and Glass” app almost as soon as it was released. The “T*ts and Glass” app allowed the browsing of X-rated content as well as the recording of equally X-rated acts, all using Google Glass.

The most notable difference between the two apps is the fact that all videos will automatically be deleted after five hours when using “Sex with Google Glass” – a function aimed to maintain a level of privacy in an app solely based around sharing intimacies, a bit like an erotic Snapchat. The creators have said that this function is “for all the ladies out there” and maybe this is the key difference that allows the developers to sidestep the Platform Developer Policies for Glass which reads, “We don’t allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.” It seems now that this is now open to interpretation, with the introduction of “Sex with Google Glass”. What do you think?