Google Glass on Sale in UK – £1000

Google Glass is finally now available in the UK for £1,000. This release is two whole years after the original launch by sky divers in America. The glasses are available to anyone over the age of 18 with a UK credit card and address.

The glasses are said to still be in Beta form despite being for sale, Google is still relying on buyer’s feedback to continue the development of the glasses product. Since the release in America, there have been many software developments and also hardware revisions; the UK glasses will have improved battery life and also options to adjust voice recognition so that it better recognises regional accents.

To me £1000 seems like a lot of money for glasses, but this is no ordinary pair of specs. It does share some similarities with your Specsavers specials in the fact that there will be five different designs to choose from (eventually) and has the options to be fitted with prescription lenses but that is where the similarities end. The Glass runs a variation of Google’s Android Operating System that enables you to download ‘Glassware’ apps just like you would on your Android phone.

By buying the Glass you will play a part in the development of the product by providing feedback to Google, it also means that you will help the make a product that (in time) will become more accessible and available to the wider public. Once out of its prototype stage the anticipated price of Google Glass will be very similar to that of the average smart phone.

According to Google, there is a global demand for Glass and they have chosen the UK as the first country out of the USA to be able to access the Glass because they “think it (the UK) has a history of embracing technology, design and fashion”. Google will also have a store or ‘Basecamp’ should you wish to try a pair out or pick them up rather than wait for a delivery to your door… May I suggest dressing up all smart and acting like you have £1000 for Glass and giving them a go at the Basecamp in King Lynn?