‘XE6’ update adds HDR photography to Google Glass, improves your sneaky snaps

Google Glass is gathering momentum as the wearable tech hurtles towards a public release date, and all the while Google is adding updates and features to perfect it. The latest tweak is the XE6 update which adds a number of features including HDR photography.

Early reports have noted that images captured using Glass’ 5 megapixel camera are on the dark side, with shots taken in low light being particularly difficult to make out. Google is improving this by updating the way in which Glass takes photos – pressing the camera button now makes Glass take a series of snaps and then process them together in order to create a well-lit, accurate image.

This method works in much the same way as HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography does on smartphones, and although this method typically struggles with fast moving objects, Google promises you won’t have any problems.

Another addition from the XE6 update comes into play after you’ve taken your picture; captions. Once you’ve captured a picture Glass invites you to speak a caption, which is then saved alongside your photo and is then uploaded to your desired location on the web – neat!

Although not available to buy as a general public member just yet, applications for Glass are being created and submitted all the time and Google recently hit the headlines for banning a pornographic app called “T*ts & Glass”. The company says it will continue to block adult content from the Glass app store going forward, despite a mere 17 people installing the app in question.

A collection of before and after update images have been uploaded here by Google for you to peruse – check them out!