As technology becomes a much larger part of a child’s life than it did back in my day, it’s inevitable that they’re going to go online whether you want them to or not. Well the team at Google are realising this and are working on an idea to help protect the world’s web-surfing children.

The idea – Google Search and YouTube for kids!

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These child friendly sites will make it easier for kids to stay safe and for parents to monitor what they’re actually viewing, without the worry of stumbling across the deepest darkest corners of the web.

The plans were revealed by Google VP, Pavni Diwanji, earlier today.

The plans will work by filtering the results of a search to become child friendly. Typically aimed at children ages 12 and under the search results will be more fun and safer than that of the current search results for innocently entered text. For example, a child could search for ‘buses’ and get a list of bus times in their local area. With the new system, they’ll get pictures of the Magic School Bus, or the Playdays Bus. YouTube for kids would work in much the same way.

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Parents will also be provided with tools to help control what is viewed by their children, as well as the results tailoring, such as a time allocation to limit the time spent online by children.

There are however stringent guidelines where collecting data on children is concerned, especially in America where they have COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). These rules and guidelines will need to be adhered to by Google.

Source: Pocket Lint