Google To Launch “GDrive” Cloud Storage in April with Free 1GB Upload Limit?

Software and internet giant Google is believed to be readying to launch its cloud-based storage service in the next few weeks and is set to officially become known as GDrive.

An unofficial web source leaked the news, suggesting that Google’s range of services will soon go head-to-head with the likes of Apple’s iCloud and DropBox when the scheme drops in the first weeks of April. GDrive will allow Google account holders to upload up to 1GB worth of data to free their personal floating storage locker from day one with additional space available to those heavyweight data sharers willing to pay up for a monthly subscription, as well as enjoying shared downloads via cloud

Yes, that’s only half the capacity of the free storage on offer from DropBox but it seems if this rumour turns out to be true the web and mobile software co. will be hoping to, and should quit easily, gain loyalty and following from its existing Gmail and Google+ registered users, keeping them on the Planet Google for their full web experience. Let’s not forget Facebook has just recently integrated DropBox into its web arsenal, Google’s own cloud drive to compliment it’s own social net couldn’t come at a more opportune time.  Google are yet to comment on the GDrive speculation, stating only that they do not comment on speculation..

Source: GigaOM

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