Google Nexus 4 stock available on Play Store in Europe

The quite frankly poorly stocked Google Nexus 4 is now back in stock (probably for a short time only) on Google’s own dedicated Play Store.  The stocking situation for the latest Android Jelly Bean running flagship smartphone has been awful at best, with the phone barely being available to buy since its release.

The stocking issues have not only annoyed waiting customers but the issues have also provided a slight rift between Google and the phone’s manufacturer LG as to who is at fault for the  lack of stock and delays.

All we know is that the LG Google Nexus 4 is one of the best smartphones available out there right now and with a bargain price of £239 for the 8GB version and £279 for the larger 16GB version, we can completely see why the handset is so popular.

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Google’s stock has only turned up in Germany at the moment but we can expect stocks for other EU countries to be landing any day soon as LG and Google originally promised a mass re-stocking during the first weeks of February.

However, don’t expect your smartphone to arrive the next day, as when we at the Gadget Helpline ordered our handset it still took over 3 weeks to arrive

Get on over to the Google Play store to see if the phone is available where you are.