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Google patent facial recognition for next-gen celeb stalking

Google have previously denied walking the slightly stalky avenue of facial recognition, so the report of a patent taken by the company relating to “Automatically Mining Person Models of Celebrities for Visual Search Applications” is a little alarming.

Can't see the resemblance - yet.

Information dates back to February and was again noted yesterday suggesting Google’s intentions for “methods and systems of automated identification”.

In reality this could mean any celebrity photo could be tagged and recognised through an algorithm patent with US Patent and Trademark office, which also reveals an already very extensive database of over a thousand faces, including high-profile names such as US President Barack Obama and Prince Harry.

The specifics on how exactly this would work are vague, but suggests that with everything from Gaga’s poker face to Cowell’s scowl tagged and on Google file, we could potentially see every Joe Public with a camera-phone becoming a paparazzi.

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