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Google+ social network primed to take on Facebook

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Google has finally unveiled its new social networking plans, with a behemoth offering designed to take down Facebook. Google+ is rolling out now on an invite-only basis, and is already looking like it will eclipse the lacklustre Google Buzz before it.

Google+ relies on three main facets: Circles, Huddles and Sparks. Circles’ ethos is that you don’t necessarily want to share your updates with all your friends. With that in mind, it lets you create friendship ‘circles’ or groups, and drag your updates and messages into your chosen set.

Huddles is a chat offering that boasts real-time video conferencing. Rather than having to set up a time and date for chats, Google’s looking to have users just drop in and out throughout the day. This can also be accessed via mobile, which is now available on Android and will be coming to iOS soon.

Sparks is how you share viral, or as Google puts it ‘highly contagious’, content with your friends. Just seen a funny Youtube fail or heard a new song? Sparks will be where to share it.

Sounding good, or is Google just running against a Facebook-shaped wall? Let us know your thoughts on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.