Google working on a version of Chrome for OS X Lion

So, anyone who has been using Google Chrome on their Mac that decided to upgrade to OS X Lion will no doubt have already found out that Chrome doesn’t really work as well as it did when using Snow Leopard.

Well, the good news is that Google are aware of this and are already working on a new updated version of Chrome for Mac which will re-instate the performance you once had before upgrading.

Google’s SVP or Chrome, Sundar Pichai has been chatting with the folk over at Tech Crunch, and has been informing them of plans Google has with Chrome on Lion. Sundar has said that the scrollbar issue should be fixed in the Canary build by tomorrow if not tonight. He has also said that the full screen mode needs some more work, but he has assured users that the feature will eventually get there although it will take a bit more time to get it perfect.

Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no information as yet as to when the optimised version of Chrome for Mac will be available, although as soon as it is, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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