Google’s Voice Assistant Rival to Apple iPhone’s Siri – Arriving with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean?

Right at the beginning of a widespread roll out of newest Android standard – version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich – Google is said to be incorporating a “Siri-like” voice assistant service into future edition 5.0 after they teased the next mobile platform – believed to be titled “Jelly Bean” – at the Mobile World Congress last week.

We heard the news back in December, just a short time after Apple unveiled its new iPhone 4S and voice software Siri, that Google was putting work into its own rival – a helpful little system for Android called “Project Majel” (named after the computer voice in Star Trek and wife of the show’s creator). Despite the not mentioning the project by its former name, news has again surfaced regarding a back-chatting app from Google, this time called simply “Assistant” – which is suggested to be attached to Android update 5.0.

The Android update, yet to be confirmed as “Jelly Bean”, is expected to be announced in June and arrive later in the year to compliment the announcement of the new Nexus model mobile – successor to the popular Samsung Galaxy Nexus which was launched in October 2011. Google is apparently looking to sharing the development for the Assistant software issuing an SDK very soon and we’re in the understanding that they will be looking to take the voice gear social with Google+.

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