Grand Theft Auto 5 – Rockstar Games confirm production “well under way”

Rockstar may have slipped out confirmation for a next full Grand Theft Auto game,  further fuelling net-based speculation that GTA5 will come rolling along to Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and possibly Nintendo Wii at some point in 2012.

There was no mention at the E3 conference earlier this month, but the games publisher has reportedly said that production of the next instalment of the vehicular and often titular title “is well under way”.

There’s been no full Grand Theft Auto release since the “fourth era” began back in 2008 – followed only by a string of expansions and continuations to the current universe. A new title is expected to refresh the franchise.

For almost 15 years the basics have remained the same. You play the wannabe crook, taking on tasks for the gangland bosses, stealing cars, driving at high speeds from job to job and running over anything or anyone in your path to criminal greatness. It’s time tested – classic fun, living out fantasies of being the anti-hero in the safety of your bedroom.

Since the GTA legacy leapt from its classic 2D format to “3D” in 2001 and then further blew the potential of the game wide open with 2004’s “San Andreas” instalment (which was of incredible scale). The games have become infamous for their violence and adult themes, so their popularity is obvious amongst many male gamers.

Gameplay of the supplemental titles however is becoming repetitive and episode V is highly-anticipated, with high expectations surrounding a future GTA title.

We’ve waited long enough and we’d hope that anything Rockstar release would come with resurrected engine and an overhaul of the fundamentals – give us something totally new in 2012!

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