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GTA V Heists – New Multiplayer Modes Announced

Heists are coming to GTA 5 Online most of you will be aware of that by this point, they are expected to release on March 10. Great for all you console owners, I will wait patiently though because GTA 5 itself isn’t coming to PC until April 14. Anyway that’s not what this is about.

Rockstar has announced a series of improvements and extras planned for the Heists update, all of which will coincide with the PC release… probably.

According to their blog as players advance through Heists they’ll unlock new “Adversary Modes”. These will be additional online game modes or competitive challenges as they call them. These will include:

“Come Out To Play”, where a team of runners must survive against hunter teams on ATVs and motorbikes, the hunters that is, as far as I can tell the runners literally have to run.

“Siege mentality”, four players must defend a location from six attackers, like most siege modes only PvP not PvE.

Hasta La Vista a team of big rigs tries to run down a team of cyclists because why the hell not, I can see this mode being hilarious but also ridiculously waited in the rigs favour.

The update will also add “Daily objective” taking a page right out of the MMORPG book. “Whether you tend towards Jobs or free-form activities, Daily Objectives will give you a rotating series of challenges to take on for GTA$ rewards,” explains the Rockstar.

All of this and the game will be out on April 14/ sometime in 2015.