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Hack-attack on So-Net internet service – New troubles for Sony?

Reports from daily paper and online news source The Wall Street Journal claims a new hacking scandal is on the horizon for Sony – as its underling entity So-Net Entertainment Corp has been compromised and 128 members have been robbed of up to £800 worth of gift points.

201 accounts are reported to have been accessed through a breach in the Japan-based So-Net internet provider. However there is nothing currently suggesting that user account information and important credit card details have been stolen as they were in the recent Playstation Network and Sony Online Entertainment crisis.

A So-Net spokeperson has debunked the connection between the two incidents by stating “Although we can’t completely rule out the possibility that there is a connection with the PSN issue, the likelihood is low”

That’s the word so far. Who can blame us for being a little apprehensive to swallow Sony/So-Net’s story after the last couple of months?

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Source: The Wall Street Journal