Hackers attack Ubisoft’s uPlay service, make unreleased content available

Ubisoft’s uPlay platform for buying and downloading games has been hacked, with an exploit allowing just about anybody to download all sorts of games, add-ons and DLC packs, including ones that aren’t yet released.

The exploit was shared through a Russian web forum and soon people were pilfering the store for free game downloads, including the forthcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon DLC, which isn’t scheduled to launch until May 1st.

It would appear that the exploit uses a software tool to trick Ubisoft’s system into thinking a user is authorised to download games which they are not, effectively giving free reign to download anything that’s stored on uPlay by Ubisoft.

The internet doesn’t waste time, and of course the unreleased content has already reached torrent websites and is no doubt currently being downloaded by many. Video walk-throughs of the Blood Dragon DLC have already hit YouTube, giving those afraid to download the software an early glimpse at what’s to come when they obtain it in a much more above-board way.

Ubisoft is currently trying to repair the damage done but it would seem that the vulnerability in its uPlay service has been around for weeks. This could in theory mean that unscrupulous types have been silently downloading games for free for some time now.

uPlay is Ubisoft’s digital games distribution platform for PC, offering a similar service to Valve’s Steam. A statement has currently not been made by Ubisoft.