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Halo 4 Screenshots and Concept Art Appears

HALO fans will be excited to hear that this week Microsoft confirmed that the next game in the series will be coming on the 6th of November and studio boss Phil Spencer promised the “beginning of a new saga with Halo 4”.

New screenshots and concept art have emerged of Halo 4 after it was announced on American television that the game would hit Xbox 360 consoles later this year and that telly host Conan O’Brien would be playing a minor role. The images show some of the detailed scenes and alien enemies that players will get to battle in the sequel. Some of the pictures make us think of what we’ve seen of the upcoming Prometheus movie. You can see what we mean in a gallery of all the lavish artwork over at

Microsoft promises the next title in the popular series is “embarking on a journey” that will reward dedicated legions of Halo fans for a long time to come. Players of the Halo series, which has been an Xbox exclusive for over ten years, will once again step into the boots of Master Chief as the action adventure sci-fi saga is reborn and Microsoft is confident that the game will help 2012 be the most successful year in Xbox history.

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