Hasbro’s My3D viewer for iPhone and iPod Touch – fun and inexpensive accessory goes on sale.

Amidst a marketplace of serious smartphones and 3D gadgets it’s nice to see toy-masters Hasbro throwing their efforts in to offer a little fun and games to the scene – in the eye-popping form of the iPhone and iPod Touch compatible My3D viewer!

You may remember the ViewMaster that’s been around since the 40s, the optical toy which took a series of 2D images on a disc shaped card and made them 3D. Hasbro’s My3D brings that idea blasting into the 21st century offering 3D motion games and 360 degree landscapes – it essentially replaces the old card disc with your iPhone or iPod Touch to create a fully 3D media gadget.

A series of original apps designed specifically for 3D viewing through the My3D viewer are available through the Apple App Store and can be downloaded to an Apple device as per usual, but snapping on the Hasbro My3D accessory allows you play with a full 3D experience.

My3D comes with 4 adaptors making it compatible across a large range of Apple gadgets including iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen iPod Touch – however Hasbro do suggest that best performance comes on the 4th Generation devices.

Hasbro are known for making quality children’s playthings and at the end of the day My3D is just another high tech toy, but having said that not every kid is expected to have an iPhone! So it does offer something for everyone – games for the kids, a tour of Los Angeles and 3D movie trailers for the older customer.

For $35 and currently with a selection of free apps for download, we won’t imagine you’ll be watching full 3D movies or hardcore gaming on Hasbro’s My3D – but it’s a fun and inexpensive way to introduce the family to the 3D experience!

The official website features a demonstration and full details on this cool little gadget, we recommend you check it out here!

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Source: MTV Geek, Hasbro