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Have a Break with a Limited Edition YouTube KitKat

Google will once again pair up with confectioner Nestlé to release limited edition YouTube branded KitKats.

The sweet partnership first came about when Google chose to name its previous Android software version after the beloved biscuit (v.4.4 KitKat). Now, based on the advertising slogan ‘Have a Break, Have a KitKat’ and the belief that the chocolate eating public would spend their break time watching YouTube videos, a new packaging will bear the slogan ‘YouTube Break’.

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For 80 years the unmistakable red and white wrapper has been a staple of the KitKat brand and featured in all its marketing. The packaging for the YouTube themed treat will have the same uniformed colours and design aspects including that familiar typeface. Only the words will be altered when the YouTube branded bar hits the shelves for a limited time only with just 600,000 being made by Nestlé’s factory based in York.

The two wrappers are actually so similar to a passing glance that many might miss the YouTube bars, camouflaged amongst the regular KitKats. So if you’re the type of person who appreciates an edible collectable and wants to keep one in mint condition (mint ones not actually available in YouTube packaging) be sure you check the wrapper before munching on a potential eBay money-maker. Alternately, if you’re a normal person just get on and eat it!