Hearthstone Drops the Welcome Nerf

Blizzard have been quietly working on their latest Hearthstone Nerf, the theories had been flying between top players over what they would be Nerfing. Obviously the Yogg Phenomenon needed squashing down a little, so no surprises there and Shaman/Warrior Nerf seems like a good shout when you consider both have been high on the Tier list recently. In fact, we would go so far as to say you could not move for Shaman generally, Shaman here, Shaman there, Shaman everywhere.

So without further ado, the following cards have been changed:

  • Call of the Wild now costs 9 mana, up from 8 mana.

Understandable nerf, Hunter can no longer drop the animal bomb and still hero power your face on the same turn.

  • Execute now costs 2 mana, up from 1 mana.

A very welcome change, Execute was destroy a minion for 1 mana, this makes much more sense, still OP but better. Will still see play competitively.

  • Rockbiter Weapon now costs 2 mana, up from 1 mana.

The Shaman Nerf, still a key card for Shaman but now the players may want to hold in their hands for a while longer. Will still see play competitively.

  • Tuskarr Totemic now reads “Battlecry: Summon a random basic Totem.”

These Tusks are definitely worried but i dont think we can enter them into the endangered section just yet. You are still gaining two minions for one summon so okay for Aggro of course, but, now quite easily cleared as all minions summoned by them will only have two health. We expect to see them still being played competitively, possibly in a more Totem oriented deck;  Primal Fusion, Wicked Witchdoctor and Drenai Totemcarvers for example.

  • Abusive Sergeant now has 1 Attack, down from 2.

Not sure if this was entirely needed but at least it nerfs aggro a little, definitely welcome.

  • Charge now costs 1 mana, down from 3, and reads “Give a friendly minion Charge. It can’t attack heroes this turn.”

This could be quite interesting, many combos possible with this as it is quite the substantial mana-cost drop.

  • Yogg-Saron, Hope’s End now stops casting spells when it leaves the battlefield or is silenced.

Excellent news for the game as a whole. As Blizzard themselves stated; they did not expect it to see so much play competitively. We do not expect to see this card played anywhere as much as it was, if at all. We foresee Yogg being dusted all over the land today.

  • Note: Cards with dust value that are changed as a result of this update are eligible to be disenchanted for their full Arcane Dust value until October 17th PDT. If you would like to disenchant these cards for their full Arcane Dust value, please do so before October 17th PDT. The list of cards eligible to be disenchanted for their full Arcane Dust value can be found below:
    • Call of the Wild
    • Tuskarr Totemic
    • Abusive Sergeant
    • Yogg’Saron, Hope’s End
  • You will no longer be able to disenchant extra copies of cards that are not part of your collection.
  • Decks that are converted from one format (Wild or Standard) to the other will now automatically be added to the bottom of their respective list.
  • [Mobile] Clients should no longer get stuck on the Waiting for Authorization message when purchasing the Welcome Bundle.

Possible error after downloading and installing the update:
Unable to load mono library error message

Don’t Panic! If you see this message then all you need to do is click on Hearthstone in Battlenet and choose options. from there you can then choose scan and repair. Game will then run normally after.

That’s it for this Nerf-Fest

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