Google Glass could change the way we use technology forever by introducing a sleek wearable display that is discreet and stylish, although its price may put many off. $1000 price tag aside, Google Glass is undoubtedly one of the coolest gadgets around right now, but how does it work?

Considering the slim and lightweight frame, you might not believe that a screen, GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, a camera, a battery and other electricals tucked away inside. We’ve wondered how Google has squeezed it all in and how exactly it generates the image in front of your eye. Thankfully Martin Missfeldt has developed this brilliant infographic that should answer your questions.

So as you can see, despite projecting an image directly on to your retina from mere millimetres away, Google can achieve a clear and sharp picture by overlaying an image over natural light and projecting it directly onto the fovea of your eye. Clever stuff, don’t you think?