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How Long Does It Take to Download an Xbox One Game?

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At the Gadget Helpline we receive quite a few calls from frustrated Xbox One gamers who are desperately waiting to play their latest digital purchase but are experiencing a seemingly endless wait for the game download to complete. There are various factors which can affect download times including your network connection speed and the status of the Xbox Live network, which can be notoriously temperamental.

Microsoft offers a useful guide to download times which can help Xbox One owners manage their expectations when downloading games based on the size of the game and your download speed and we’ve included it in this article for your reference.

Game size in gigabytes will be stated when purchasing from the Xbox Store. For example, the new Mortal Kombat X weighs in at 34.66GB so depending on your broadband speed this could take anywhere between 30 minutes on a 200Mb/s connection and 40 hours on a 2Mb/s connection.*


Download Speed 30-GB file 40-GB file 50-GB file 60-GB file 70-GB file
2 Mb/s  33.3 hours  44.4 hours 55.6 hours  66.7 hours  77.8 hours
5 Mb/s  13.3 hours  17.8 hours  22.2 hours  26.7 hours  31.1 hours
10 Mb/s  6.7 hours  8.9 hours  11.1 hours  13.3 hours  15.6 hours
20 Mb/s  3.3 hours  4.4 hours  5.6 hours  6.7 hours  7.8 hours
50 Mb/s  1.3 hours  1.8 hours  2.2 hours  2.7 hours  3.1 hours
100 Mb/s  0.7 hours  0.9 hours  1.1 hours  1.3 hours  1.6 hours
200 Mb/s  0.3 hours  0.4 hours  0.6 hours  0.7 hours  0.8 hours


*To check what connection speed you’re using press the Menu button on your Xbox One control pad and choose Settings > Network > Bandwidth Usage.

A number of websites including and will also allow you to check your network speeds via computer or laptop.

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