HTC One 2014 leaks again, this time with awesome LED cover

By now, you’re probably already aware that the new HTC One is the worst kept tech secret of the year. We’ve seen the new phone in a plethora of pictures and most recently a 12 minute YouTube review which landed the proprietor in hot water with the Taiwanese mobile company, and now more images have been revealed.

A new gallery of pictures from Chinese social site Weibo show all angles of the new flagship Droid from HTC, with some HTC One Max comparisons for good measure. Naturally, the all new HTC One is smaller than the gigantic One Max and features a much more curved shell and brushed metal finish.

We can see the microSD card slot on the right edge of the phone – a new addition – and the dual cameras on the back, plus the headphone socket which has been relocated to the bottom edge, next to the micro USB port. Samsung fans will no doubt remember the Galaxy S3 ad which mocked the iPhone 5 for the same headphone move – “the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom!”

We’ve seen the new HTC One plenty, so by now we’re actually getting more excited about its accessories. The prolific @evleaks has revealed one of the main accompaniments for the new flagship HTC phone; the LED smart cover. Looking likely to arrive in red, blue and green, the LED smart cover appears to be a flip cover with a difference.

Samsung and LG have both dabbled in flip covers previously – both offering both front and back protection for a phone but with a window on the front to show the time and date. HTC looks to have taken that idea a step further by putting lots of small perforations on the front cover, allowing things like the time, date and weather to shine through in a sort-of LED pin-pattern.

HTC will unveil the new One on March 25th.



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