Confirmed: HTC announcement coming tomorrow

Listen up – because HTC have something to say!

A pre-announcement announcement has been just been made by the Taiwanese mobile tech co. informing that something big is going down tomorrow morning at 8:30AM (PST – or around 4:30PM GMT).

We can only speculate as to what the announcement could be about. Recently we’ve gotten a barrage of HTC rumours and snippets of future release information, this ranging from the 8 new handsets (including HTC Vigor and HTC Kingdom) which are promised before the end of 2011, the HTC Puccini 10.1” tablet (which is slated for launch September 1st) and whatever HTC has up its sleeve as host to the Windows Phone 7 platform with Mango update – or possibly – that HTC is forming a tech Justice League to take down the oppressing forces of Apple?

Of course, the latter would be most exciting. However the other side of the coin is a little rusty..

Also this morning we hear word that HTC has acquired Beats Elctronics, the maker of street-smart audio ear-gear and backed by popular name stars such as Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre – many online sources and fellow bloggers presume that this will be tomorrow’s “major announcement”.

If it is, it’s not much of a major announcement anymore.

Still Dre? – From the LBC to HTC.

And does this really require the presence of CEO Mr. Chou himself? We’d think this purchase more of a footnote in tech history, rather than anything worthy of a big press event. Unless there’s something more going on? An announcement of Beats audio wares integration into HTC handsets perhaps?

We’re still hoping for tech Justice League.