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HTC Bringing a Second Android Tablet to the UK

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While its rival LG has officially bowed out of the market for the foreseeable future, HTC has confirmed plans to bring a second tablet device to the UK market this year.

HTC launched the Flyer as its first ever tablet device here in the UK last May; a 7-inch Android tablet with a clever stylus for drawing and taking notes. The device didn’t seem to be a huge hit here in the UK, and the price has subsequently dropped below £200 on a couple of occasions. A 10-inch tablet was also launched by the company but only in the US – the HTC Jetstream.

When probed about a follow-up tablet, a HTC spokesperson told PCAdvisor that a new tablet will “definitely arrive”. HTC declined to provide any further information on the secret product, nor a release date, although it did say that it would wait until it had a unique feature to offer.

Just what unique feature HTC is hinting at remains to be seen – the Flyer had a clever stylus, so this could be again repeated. It’s thought that HTC’s next tablet will run on the latest version of Android, 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, although being a hardware partner with Microsoft a Windows 8 RT tablet could be on the cards.

With the Nexus 7 from Google and Asus now vying for the top spot in the 7-inch tablet space, HTC will need to come up with something great in order to succeed. A larger 9-10-inch device will compete with the likes of the iPad 3 and Microsoft’s soon-to-launch Surface tablets with Windows 8 on board.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for some more information on a new HTC tablet and bring it to you as we hear it.

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Via: PC Advisor