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HTC Doubles Profits Over 12 Months

HTC are still breaking ahead in terms of profit/loss balance. The Smartphone manufacturer and developer has, for a second year running, blown away previous figures into the positive. The success of HTC can most likely be attributed to their innovative and readily available Android Smartphone range and their high-profile tackling of other corporations dominating the market using stolen features and feature-limiting legal patents.

The company told the Taiwan Stock Exchange that their maths had revealed earnings of $1.42b in consolidated sales for May 2011, resounded trashing last year’s May total of $656m, more than doubling their profits over just 12 months.

HTC’s individual devices can’t be pinpointed for individually raising the bar, but the Desire and Evo ranges certainly caught on well here in the UK.

HTC are just about to bring some new tablets onto the market too. Watch this space.