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HTC and Facebook working on Non-Android, Own-OS Smartphone?

“Let’s try this again”

That is what we imagine the conversation between Mark Zuckerberg and the bigwigs at HTC must have gone, as reports are coming in that HTC and Facebook are once again working on a new Facebook-based smartphone.

However, its being said that instead of just adding deep Facebook integration to Google’s Android OS (like last year’s HTC ChaCha and Salsa Facebook phones), the two companies are working on a new Facebook-specific Operating System created specifically for the phones.

The two companies are reportedly looking towards a mid-2013 arrival date for the supposed phone and as per usual Mr Zuckerberg is looking to take advantage of his 900 million Facebook users to push into a new financial area.

Last year HTC released the ChaCha and Salsa android running smartphones, which both had an integrated Facebook button built into the phone and offered extra Facebook functionality.

Facebook has still been riding high over the past few years but with more people stepping away from Facebook and an ever increasing threat of dominance from Twitter, Zuckerberg’s company is always on the lookout to try and diversify the way we use Facebook and its tools.

There is no official news regarding a HTC and Facebook OS smartphone but with the two companies’ history together it is not hard to see the partnership rearing its head again in the future.

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