HTC graphics division denied by ITC in Apple mobile patent suit

California tech giant Apple has been cleared of infringement accusations from Taiwanese co. HTC after the mobile maker suggested Apple had violated four patents owned by subsidiary group S3 Graphics with its iPhone.

S3 was purchased for $300 million and supplies HTC with its technology and licensing for image compression technology and has also worked with Nintendo and Sony on their gaming platforms. In July a judge ruled that, yes – Apple did infringe on the four counts stated. However, this latest and final ruling reverses that leaves HTC with not only egg on its face, but a hefty legal fee.   

The group S3 Graphics made its initial claim against Apple back in May 2010 with the ITC (International Trade Commission) – an organisation which can ban or block a product arriving in the United States. HTC was the biggest shifter of US mobile tech in this past third quarter and this missed shot at the leading rival could prove costly as mobile companies charge into Q4.

Apple have also, and famously, been in legal battle across the globe with Galaxy S II maker Samsung.

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