HTC Hoping To Be The “One” for Google’s New Nexus Smartphone?

Reports suggest that HTC is making a bid to reconnect with one-time partner Google on the next Nexus smartphone and a follow-up to last year’s impressive Samsung-made Galaxy Nexus which brought with it  Google’s newest Android OS upgrade version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Nexus brand has become quite the platform to launch from and it seems the Taiwan-based co. might want back in.

Depending on which source you follow HTC is or is not in talks with Google right now to claim the currently vacant and lucrative spot on the next Nexus project which is likely to support the launch of a brand new Android 5.0 update, currently known as Jelly Bean. And much like the most recent Nexus launch for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the future Google gadget should launch with much celebration, fanfare and a lot of marketing support. Meaning it equals money and recognition for all involved.

HTC has been absent from Google’s right hand for just over two years, since the pairing released the Nexus One back in January 2010 and since then HTC has hosted Google’s popularly distributed Android mobile operating system on most of its devices and it was said that Jeff Gordon, Global Online Communications Manager of HTC was said to have been outspoken about his company’s intentions with Google, but this information was pulled and Gordon then stated that what was reported is untrue and that he is unaware of any talks between HTC and Google regarding a future Nexus partnership.

We enjoy the Samsung Galaxy range – and in particular the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but we’re also very impressed with what we’ve seen coming from HTC at the Mobile World Congress. Consider the quad-core processing power of the new flagship model One X combined with some sweet Google Android. And look back at the original Nexus, called the “Nexus One”. HTC just recently rebranded its line-up as “One” – 2012 is a perfect year for a successor we’d say.

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