HTC Will Be Making PlayStation Smartphones – Deal With Sony Announced

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While all the focus may be on Nintendo at the E3 conference right now, we’ve managed to nab a very exciting piece of news from the show that is bound to please our mobile fans.

We wrote a while ago that smartphone maker HTC was highly rumoured to create new PlayStation certified smartphones, like the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY. That rumour lasted a short while and we’ve heard nothing since, however now it’s finally coming true. At the E3 event in Los Angeles, Sony announced a new partnership with HTC, who will be manufacturing future PlayStation certified mobiles.

Sony initially announced that its relatively new PlayStation Suite software for mobile devices was to become PlayStation Mobile. The Japanese tech giant then went on to reveal that a deal with HTC will see the company create “a line of PlayStation certified Android phones”.

It seems a very strange move, especially given that Sony now fully owns the Sony Ericsson brand, which created the first and only PlayStation certified smartphone, the Xperia PLAY. Even though HTC had been rumoured to take the flag, the fact that Sony now had its own smartphone brand to go with the PlayStation Suite software made future Sony Xperia phones with PlayStation certification almost a dead cert.

However, HTC will now be creating the next breed of handsets that can play original PSone and other PlayStation titles. Whereas the Xperia PLAY has a slide out controller with a full PlayStation button layout, Sony says that future devices will overlay these controls on the touchscreen.

Could we see the launch of a new HTC (PS)One smartphone? It’s looking very likely, although the name will probably be better than our suggestion.

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Via: IGN