HTC Omega & Eternity – Windows Phone 7 ‘Mango’ models out in London next week?

HTC is set to reveal Windows Phone 7 handsets Omega & Eternity on September 1st, if online sources can be believed. And we’d like to believe it, as co-incidentally that’s the very same day as the “Join us to see what’s next” event in London, which HTC UK posted on Facebook over the weekend.

Backing one of our speculations yesterday, the Microsoft mobile operating system should be represented at the HTC event with the the Omega, which will feature Microsoft’s WP7 ‘Mango’ update said to be displayed on a generous 3.8” 800 x 480 screen. The Omega is also rumoured to carry a 1.5GHz processor at its core, with 512MB RAM with an additional 16GB internal storage, as well as 8-megapixel camera – to be launched initially through T-Mobile (in the States at least).

Along for the evening out in London will be the HTC Eternity, also a 1.5GHz with ‘Mango’ model, rocking a massive 4.7” display.

The full and confirmed details of both these Windows Phone 7 handsets will hopefully be revealed next Thursday at the London event (specific location yet to be revealed) – the event can be attended by visiting the HTC UK Facebook Event page and making your interest known (However, no one’s actually got back to us yet!)

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