HTC planning a family of tablets and an NFC smartphone

With the HTC Flyer now on the shelves and rumours of HTC’s second Android Tablet stepping up a notch, HTC’s European President Florian Seiche has stepped in and added some substance.

Speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit, Florian spoke of HTC’s plans for the tablet market, NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled smartphones, and Nokia’s new partnership with Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.

“I really believe that the tablet market is really going to be a big market in the future and this is just a start,” said Seiche, speaking of the recent rise of tablet devices. He went on to say “In five years’ time, schools will have tablets probably instead of physical notebooks. I think that’s going to be such a massive wave of additional penetration in society… I think we can’t even guess the potential,”

Before rounding up the tablet talk, he confirmed that HTC plans to roll out an entire range of Android tablets in order to “gain a foothold in the fast-growing market”. This adds substance to the recent rumours surrounding a forthcoming 10.1-inch tablet device, speculated to be the HTC Puccini.

Seiche also spoke of Near Field Communications, a technology which allows for short-range wireless data transfer. According to Seiche, HTC plans to release its first ever NFC-enabled smartphone within the coming 12 months, most likely before the end of the year.

HTC’s main profit is coming from the Google Android platform used on the majority of its smartphones, but they also use Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 on some handsets such as the HTC HD7. Seiche believes that Nokia’s recent partnership with Microsoft will help bolster the Windows Phone platform. He said “With a new player entering, it should actually help to elevate the relevance of that platform … we actually feel that we should be able to benefit.”

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Via: Reuters