HTC Runnymede with Beats gets a new name – ‘HTC Bass’ in the place!

Runnymede, Runnymead, Runnymeade? It really doesn’t matter how you spell the ridiculous name for HTC’s front-runner for its new ‘Beats by Dre’ range of mobiles because it’s got a new more simple and to the point moniker – HTC Bass.

The new name has appeared on the retail website which currently has a page marker up for the newly named HTC Bass musical mobile which packs the Android 2.3 OS and street-smart enhanced audio and sweet ear-gear as supplied by recent acquisition Beat Audio – the company which makes those ultra-slick headphone inspired by rapper-turned-record producer Dr. Dre.

The website gives us no product details and states that ‘price and full spec TBC’. However, from details already leaked we know that the 1.5GHz single-core CPU former HTC Runny-something-or-other will feature a generous 4.7” display screen and 768MB of RAM. Addition memory will be supported on microSD storage between 16 and 32GB. As with the music and media, the on-board shooter shouldn’t disappoint either – it’s an 8-megapixel shooter with dual flash and 1.3-megapixel front-facing webcam. For connectivity, we’ll be treated to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and the gadget will provide a GPS feature.

Just so you remember you’ve got a high quality piece of audio gear in hand – it’s got the Beats logo emblazoned on the back of the stylish handset along with the HTC branding so you won’t forget. We certainly won’t be forgetting the name anymore!

More details to come on the HTC Bass including release date and all-important pricing. Gadget Helpline, as always, has your back and will bring the latest as soon as it hits!

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