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HTC Sensation XE: Beats Audio smartphone now up for sale in UK

HTC’s first UK offering in the new audio-optimised Beats smartphone range has hit the shelves a short month after the announcement was made that HTC would be concentrating part of it’s upcoming product roll-out to the music fan.


What better model to come leading the Beats than the ‘Special Edition’ HTC Sensation XE with 1.5GHz dual-core processing power, generous 4GB start-up RAM with potential to boost that for extra track-packing memory on MicroSD card. The screen is a sharp 4.3” of qHD with 960x540p high-def resolution. The onboard camera weighs in at very respectable 8-megapixels and there’s a VGA camera for video calls up front.

HTC’s SXE comes with the familiar Android (2.3) backed by Sense, with YouTube and Facebook apps pre-loaded and the phone comes with street smart ‘Beats by Dre’ ear-gear which come in stylish red and black just like the handset – and are recognised when ported into the mobile itself, which activates all the advanced audio and app features held within.


Online mobile retailer Clove delivers the Beats on the HTC Sensation XE from today, with the handset and phones costing £492 SIM-free. High street store Phones4U has also been promoting the SXE smartphone, so expect contract prices any day now.

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